Thursday, May 22, 2008

Interest Groups

Today you will find out which interest group you are in.
Your group needs to select a captain, a secretary and a technologist.

Captain- Coordinates group activities. You need to know what everyone is working on. You will lead group meetings and follow up on action items. When someone is absent you are responsible for make sure they know what they missed.

Secretary - Responsible for group communications. You will collect the e-mail addresses from your group and enter them into a Google doc. You will share that document with everyone in your group. When your group needs a doc created and shared you will handle that.

Technologist - Responsible for the groups' technical needs. You will teach your group the technology skills they need for this project. You will start the group blog and add your group members as authors. Blog Requirements

After you have selected these people you should start hunting for articles about your topic. By the end of today your group secretary needs to send me a list of five articles. Each article needs to include a link and a brief summary of the article. (Hint: Find more than five articles and pick the best five.) (Hint 2: have each person in your group search with slightly different search words to find a variety of articles.)

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