Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Week 16 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

My apologies for the abbreviated nature of this week's post. I have a lot to do this afternoon.

Monday we took our first quiz on chapters 1-3. We worked on the vocabulary for chapters 4-7 and then read chapters 4, 5, and the beginning of 6. You were to read the rest of Chapter 6 on your own for homework.

Tuesday we worked on an organizer for your Second News Report. Kudos to all of you who had already started on your drafts. For those of you who had not started thank you for using your class time well as you worked your way through the questions on that organizer. (The organizer is available on weblockers if you lost yours or were absent.)

Wednesday you turned in your drafts of your Second News Report. We reviewed the geography of the Mississippi River and reviewed Pap's racist rant in chapter 6. Expect a question about that passage on your final. Then we read chapter 7 and took the quiz on chapters 4-7.

Thursday we will meet in our writing groups and possibly begin chapter 8.

Friday we will be working on an activity that will help you deepen your understanding of the characters in the book and also find evidence from the text to support your conclusions. The forecast also calls for the likely reading of chapter 8 or 9. Include a little light reading of Huck Finn in your weekend plans.

The Final draft of your Second News Report is due next Wednesday 1/23.

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