Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 14 Slavery and The Civil War

Test Friday 12/21! Leaked Test Questions!
1. Once they have retreated to Prince Prospero's abbey, the general attitude of the courtiers toward the Red Death is one of
a. guilt.
b. terror.
c. mild fear.
d. carefree disregard.

2. The narrator's first glimpse of the House of Usher gives him a feeling of
a. excitement.
b. numbness.
c. depression.
d. anticipation.

3. When the smell developed around Miss Emily's home, the older aldermen were reluctant to ask her about it because they
a. were afraid of her temper.
b. were afraid of what they might discover.
c. didn't want to embarrass or humiliate her.
d. knew she would be too ill to do anything about it.

There are 22 more questions like these on your test on Friday. Bring your book and your notes.

Essay #3 Was Due Thursday 12/20 Did you turn your's in?

Test Friday 12/21. This will be a comprehension check on all of the stories we have read since Thanksgiving break. (Weeks 11-14 on this blog.) If you have been here and paying attention it should not be a problem for you. You can use your textbook and your notes, but you will need to be familiar with the following already:

Poe: The Raven, The Oval Portrait, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Masque of the Red Death

Faulkner: A Rose for Emily

O'Connor: The Life You Save May Be Your Own.

Douglass: The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass. (Chapter X covers the portion we read in class. Chapter XI talks about his escape from slavery if you are interested.)

Bierce: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


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