Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Week 12

Monday we finished reading The Fall of The House of Usher.
Tuesday we brainstormed things that most Poe stories have in common and then read The Oval Portrait to search for more examples of those features.
Wednesday we talked about Essay #3 and then began reading the Faulkner story A Rose for Emily. This site has some interesting questions and answers about the story. I recommend visiting it if you were not here to read the story with us in class.
Thursday we will see an model of a section of one of the essay choices and work on our drafts.
Friday will be a short day. We will probably look at another Faulkner story.

Note: Draft of Essay #3 is due Thursday 12/13. Assignment sheets are available now in your weblocker.

Extra credit: As we approach the end of the semester a lot of people are asking me about extra credit.
1. You CAN NOT get extra credit unless you have turned in ALL of your major assignments. For example you can not do extra credit if you are missing Essay #2 or your News Report. Do the assigned work first.
2. Each of the essays I've assigned this year came with three or four choices. If you are looking for an extra credit assignment simply do one of the essay options that you did not chose before.
3. Because of the way the computer calculates grade averages extra credit points have a slightly different effect for each student. If you have a very low grade extra credit will help you more than if you already have a high grade.
4. See me first if you are considering doing an extra credit essay.

Go Pointers!

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Cortez said...

MRS.R I'm working on my essay right now and the links are helping me thanks