Monday, April 29, 2013

Becoming Experts

Good morning,
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We will read at the bell.

This week we will get back to working on our Expert Projects intensely. This will be our primary focus for the end of the year as you prepare to wrap up your project and present about what you learned. Don't worry there is still time to learn more.

Today I will show you some examples of great expert project notes and a great blog.
The point is not just to find information on your topic, but to be writing about what you found and how that affects your thinking about the subject.

Your post for today on your Expert Project Blog should be about a person of interest related to your research question. This could be a person related to your topic or another expert on the topic.

Grades are posted. Check Zangle. The grade you see there is the grade on your progress report. Progress reports go home on Friday.

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