Thursday, December 13, 2012

Persistent, Prolonged Satire

Good morning,

As you know I am at a tech training today. I will have access to email, so please write to me if you have questions.

Your priorities today should be:

  1. Article of the week 12.  This is in your view only folder. Read it, write a two paragraph response in your English Journal, one paragraph to recap the article and one paragraph about your thoughts on the issue. (If you have no thoughts then read it again.) You can also find a PDF version of it here. (The PDF is formatted slightly differently and is numbered 15, but for you this is AOW 12.)
  2. Work on your satirical essay. Use the words you added to your document yesterday. Language is power. You need a completed draft by Tuesday. (not kidding)
  3. Read your book. Make sure you have a recommended book picked out for this grading period. 

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