Thursday, January 6, 2011

What makes a poem?

Today we looked at a poem by Sylvia Plath without the title. I asked you what you thought it was about. You gave me many interesting answers, various animals, various groups of people, etc. None of them were the true subject of the poem though. (I knew they would not be right.) Then I asked you for the ideas in the poem. You told me conquering, rebellion, growing, nature, coming of age, revolution, etc. Your ideas about the ideas in the poem were all great. Even without knowing for sure what "things" the poem was about you could still figure out the ideas in it.
Poems have two component parts, a subject and an idea. Sometimes you can figure out the idea even if you cant figure out the subject.
Below is the presentation of the poem with LITTERAL images. Litteral is when something is exactly what it says. You told me this poem is really FIGURATIVE. The author is using metaphor and personification to describe her subject. The real subject of the poem is pictured on the very last slide.

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