Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Plot Thickens...

Good morning,
 We finished Act II yesterday and we've been learning about that plot graph (see post below). Let's see what you know. We are going to take a quiz on Act II.  Once again I expect many of you are not actually reading this, so again I wish to reward those of you who are. I have a new secret word for you. It is prodigious. You must add it at the end of the first short answer question. I suggest making it all caps.


Post-Quiz Priorties
  1. English Journal- Make sure you have it complete, neat, dated in reverse etc. 
  2. Origins Story- Make corrections if you need to. If you think it is perfect and I should print it let me know.

If all of that is FABULOUS then you can check out these resources below related to the Salem Witch Trials.
John Proctor's Diary
Which Witch?
Secrets of the Dead

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