Thursday, July 22, 2010

I also get to travel...

I've covered a lot of miles this summer. "The Big Trip" began in early July when my youngest son and I drove up to LA. We were in LA for about 20 minutes. The time it took to move our things from my car to my parents' RV. That was the beginning of a trip to Portland. We camped two nights on the way up, spent four nights at my Aunt's house in Portland and camped three nights on the way back down. The return trip included the Oregon coast, absolutely stunning, and we were there on the sunny day. When we got back to LA we spent one night there and then headed to my parents' place in Three Rivers. My husband, Kris, and my older son joined us there. The next day Kris and I left for the coast. (It was 105* in Three Rivers, can you blame us?) We spent one night in San Luis Obisbo, where we saw Inception, and then drove highway 1 up to San Francisco. We spent one night in San Francisco and then drove up to Bodega Bay. We spent two nights at a great hotel about 20 miles north of Bodega Bay right on the ocean. We even took a day trip as far north as Mendocino.
   Today we drove south past San Francisco to Carmel. Tomorrow we drive highway 1 again through Big Sur and then back to Three Rivers. There we will spend a record five nights in one place before we head south again. But we have one more stop to make before returning to San Diego. Yes, Anaheim, our Disneyland tickets will expire soon. Can we do it? Yes, we can!

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