Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And Blogger does NOT work again...(on campus)

Shall I tell you how I really feel about the security change that Google made resulting in a complete block of all secure Google pages in the district?  #*%&!!! (But you probably knew that.)

So yesterday you learned about and now you won't be fooled by strange e-mail chain letters, general scams, Nigerians who need cash fast, and outrageous urban legends.

Today let's explore some other useful NON-GOOGLE web-sites. is a bookmarking site. It allows you to save all the things you'd like to bookmark in one place and access them from any computer. You can also add key words, called tags, to the links you save to make them easier to find later. Make yourself a Delicious account and play with what you can do there. Visit several websites you like and add their links to your Delicious collection. Bonus points: Share some of your delicious links with me or a classmate. (Then teach me how you did it. I haven't tried that part yet.)

Visit and find books you could read this summer. (No, really, this site is cool, just like graduating is cool.)

Check out the T-shirts I made on Zazzle. Then make yourself a Zazzle account and make your own stuff.

After you've done all that go to your English Journal and write an entry about what you found and learned today. Ha! That was a joke! Did you get it? Go to your English Journal? Ha ha ha. (I crack myself up.)

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