Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Advice for new bloggers...

Good morning,
     Before you dive into working on your blog you MUST READ THIS. It is really good advice. Read it carefully! When you finish reading write a blog post about which of that advice you found most valuable, or you can write about your blog topic.
     I have 10 blogs shared with me. If you have not added me as an author please do that today. If you had trouble creating your blog yesterday we will try again today.
     If you have time check out A Student's Perspective on Leadership. A blog post written by a student in New Jersey.

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sam ;) said...

OMG!!... i found this on my bookmarks at home. . . memories!!! i hope all the juniors are doing well. It really is a great class and everyone must pass! good luccck ... and ROBERTS!! you made American Lit. fun and easy for me :))) (was it American lit.?)
-much love SAM!