Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Best of The Crucible On-line

Good morning,

We are short handed another day while many of your classmates are now taking the Math CAHSEE.  Yesterday you saw the History Channel Documentary 'In Search of History: Salem Witch Trials". Today we are going to explore some of the online resources available about The Crucible.

For each site you visit I want you to answer the following questions in your English Journal.

1. What was the site you visited? (duh.)
2. Describe what you found there and explain what you think about what you found. (Hint write several sentences and show your thinking.  This is good for your grade.)

  1. Are you a witch?
  2. Learn More about McCarthyism 
  3. A list of links about the 17th century  
  4. Historical Inaccuracies in the play
  5. Play Salem Witch Craft Jeopardy 
 If you have been to all of these and written intelligently about all of them then you may consider a little scavenger hunt.  Find the following images and add them to your journal along with the URL where you found them.
  1. A picture of Aurthur Miller
  2. A picture of John Proctor or his house
  3. An image of a historical document related to the witch trials.
And / Or  Write a tweet about one of the sites I just sent you to.  Include the hash tag #crucible.

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