Monday, October 12, 2009

Yep another essay...Get used to it.

Good morning,
Today the blog is the boss of you. Read these directions carefully.
  1. Find a partner, anyone you want, but choose wisely, there is a grade coming. (You may work alone if you really want to and I may choose your partner for you if I really want to.)
  2. Open Google Docs and create a new doc. Share it with your partner and Mrs. R. (one new doc for each partner ship)
  3. Name it (period#, initials, initials Comparing Archetypes)
  4. With your partner make a list of ways the Left Handed Twin (from "The World On The Turtle's Back") and Old Scratch (The devil in "The Devil and Tom Walker") are the SAME.
  5. Then make a list of the ways they are DIFFERENT.
Tip: It might help to insert a table with two columns. Put similarities in one column and differences in the other column.

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