Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Afternoon

It was so nice to have our normal schedule back today. We continued watching the Gatsby movie, but some students opted to work on their draft of their Gatsby project while they could get help from me or Ms. S.
  • Don't forget your draft is due Monday in Google Docs.
  • Writing groups will meet Monday and probably also Thursday next week.
  • Next Friday 5/1 is the last day for any work to count for your 12 week progress report.
  • Gatsby project final drafts are also due 5/1, but I won't get them all graded in time for that progress report. I will have time though, to give 0's to people who don't get their final draft done.
  • If you really really really want your Gatsby project to be part of your 12 week grade please make sure I know that.

More testing (and crazy schedules) Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

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