Monday, October 27, 2008

Classwork Tuesday, Fear Questions

Good morning,
On Friday and Monday we read most of Act I of The Crucible. Today you will fill out an on-line form about several of the characters in the play. (This is similar to the way you graded each others presentations last week.) This work should help you to understand these characters better and delve more deeply into the text of Act I.

If you are in period 3 please use this form for your work.

If you are in period 4 please use this form for your work.

Other Reminders:
  1. Letters to the Next President are due and publishable now. Your letter needs to be totally finished by Wednesday 10/29 to earn full credit.
  2. 4th period. Federal Survey Cards are due now. Bring your's in ASAP.
  3. Juniors who have not yet passed the CAHSEE in English will test next week on Tuesday 11/4.

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