Thursday, April 3, 2008

Emily Dickinson

A mini-research project.

Part I
Do a Google search for Emily Dickinson. What can you find out about her, her life, her family, her poetry? After reading about her on several sites write about your findings in your reader's journal. (You created your reader's journal on Monday in Google Docs. Go back to it, start with today's date and add a new entry.)

Part II << If you did not finish part II today that is now your homework.
Emily Dickinson did not give her poems titles. Her poems are known by their first line. Below are the first lines of some of her poems. Paste several of these lines into your search box and read the poems you find. Then chose one of the poems you read to write about in your reader's journal. Make sure you state the first line of the poem so I know which one you are writing about.

This is my letter to the World
Hope is the thing with feathers
Success is counted sweetest
Much Madness is divinest sense
My life closed twice before its close
After a great pain a formal feeling comes
I heard a Fly Buzz--when I died
Because I could not stop for Death
As the Starved Malestrom laps the Navies

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